Freelance Writing

As adjunct to creative writing (and as a means to income!) I also do freelance journalism, and have won awards for my feature work in national and provincial magazines.

I was editor of the University of Saskatchewan newspaper, the Sheaf, many years ago, and a reporter after that. I’ve come back to journalism in recent years and really enjoy calling up perfect strangers and asking them to tell me everything about themselves!

Somehow it works. And it’s worked very well in some instances. As contributing editor at Country Guide, I’ve been awarded gold, silver or bronze medals in feature and technical writing, and press reporting.

2 thoughts on “Freelance Writing

  1. Hi Anne,

    It was great visiting with you at the Ag Grad Reunion! Just wanted you to know that I just read your articles on Humboldt and area in SaskBusiness and really enjoyed them! We raised our family out in the Humboldt area and know of many of the stories from that part of our province! You did an excellent job of capturing the energy and enthusiasm that is a part of everyday life in the community and surrounding area!

    Congratualtions on having your book published! (just read this on your blog) Way to go!

    Hope to meet up with you again sometime soon!


    1. Thanks Becky,
      It was great to meet you too. Had to laugh at how many people I knew, considering I’m not the agro in the family!
      Humboldt really is an amazing little city. I really enjoyed meeting the people and telling their stories. And, yes, I am very excited about getting the novel published. Long haul, but it’s worth it. Take care.

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