About Anne

A little about me. A graduate of the Humber School of Writing, my first novel Dollybird received the 2014 Willa Literary Award for historical fiction and was shortlisted for a Saskatchewan Book Award. A new poem was recently included in the anthology Gush: Menstrual Manifestos for our Time (Frontenac House, 2018), and other stories and poems appear in anthologies and magazines. I was grateful to receive the 2018 Saskatchewan Foundation for the Arts Literary Award, a prize of $6,000 to use toward work on my current project, a novel set in and about the Indonesian War of Independence.

I have also been fortunate to receive funding from both the Saskatchewan Arts Board and the Canada Council for work on this new project and I thank them here.

Saskatchewan born and raised, I have a Political Science degree from the University of Saskatchewan, and, not to toot my own horn, am an award winning freelance writer and a no-awards, but damn good, farmer. Our four grown children have flown the coop and I live with my husband and dog near Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

3 thoughts on “About Anne

  1. Hey Cuz
    Know we haven’t had much contact for the last hundred years or so but just wanted to drop a note and say I am glad your dreams are real and coming to fruition. I knew the creativity in the family went somewhere and I am glad it went to someone as deserving as you.
    You’ve come a long way from fighting over having to sit in the high chair and I wish you nothing but success and joy in the future. Maybe you’ll sign the copy of “Dollybird” I ordered the next time we meet.
    With love and regards your 1st cousin

    1. Wow Rob, so great to hear from you! I can’t believe how long ago that high chair thing actually was. Thanks so much for making contact. I’ll make a point of coming your way sometime soon and will indeed sign that book! Take care.

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