About Anne

Anne is a graduate of the Humber School of Writing whose first novel Dollybird is winner of the 2014 Willa Literary Award for historical fiction and was nominated for the 2014 Saskatchewan Book Award for Fiction. Her work has been included in the anthology Fast Forward: New Saskatchewan Poets. 

Saskatchewan born and raised, Anne Lazurko has a political science degree from the University of Saskatchewan, and is an award winning freelance writer and a farmer. She lives with her family near Weyburn, Saskatchewan.


3 thoughts on “About Anne”

  1. Hey Cuz
    Know we haven’t had much contact for the last hundred years or so but just wanted to drop a note and say I am glad your dreams are real and coming to fruition. I knew the creativity in the family went somewhere and I am glad it went to someone as deserving as you.
    You’ve come a long way from fighting over having to sit in the high chair and I wish you nothing but success and joy in the future. Maybe you’ll sign the copy of “Dollybird” I ordered the next time we meet.
    With love and regards your 1st cousin

    1. Wow Rob, so great to hear from you! I can’t believe how long ago that high chair thing actually was. Thanks so much for making contact. I’ll make a point of coming your way sometime soon and will indeed sign that book! Take care.

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