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Launch of ‘apart’ a year of pandemic poetry and prose. My reading is at the 22 minute mark, but watch them all. So great!

Isolation Conversation

Early in the pandemic, I moderated an Isolation Conversation for the Saskatchewan Writers Guild, writers Harold Johnson, Gail Bowen, Dauna Mae Ditson and Kristine Scarrow sharing their experiences of this strange time and its affect on their work.

In the summer I was fortunate to read from my forthcoming novel, What is Written on the Tongue, for SWG’s Book Bytes series.

Workshops available:

Perfecting the Pitch

How do you condense the depth of characters, excitement of plot and the beautiful prose of your 300-page masterpiece into a one- or two-page synopsis? And that damn query letter…what grabs their attention and how do you write it! And how much is too much when the agent or publisher asks for a ‘sample’? And what the hell is an Artist Statement anyway?

Using tools gained over many submissions to agents, publishers and granting agencies, I will will lead participants through the maze of the perfect pitch. Many of my pitches have been successful. Some not. But I’ve learned new tricks with each and been told by publishers, agents and grant coordinators, big and small, that in the case of my pitch, it’s good, it works.

I’ll share some insight with emerging writers to take some of the mystery and fear out of the process of the sometimes-baffling world of publishing. If you want my credentials, check out the About page on this site:)

The Story of Creation

Discover where story ideas come from, how characters are developed, how setting creates an atmoshpere for those characters and how plot and structure tie the whole thing together. This group workshop can be held over one long day or in four – 2 hour a sessions, and delivered either in person or online. Contact me for details. 

Writing Characters into History (fictional or otherwise)

Whether fiction or memoir, creative non-fiction or essay, characters and their motivations are what drive a story forward. In this interactive workshop, learn how to craft compelling characters that bring historical time and place to life. We’ll delve into the choices a writer makes about any given history, how the setting affects character and vice-versa, and the necessary research to bring the whole thing together. This group workshop is offered either in-person or online. Full day or two sessions. Contact me for details.  

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